Arthroscopy is a specialized diagnostic and surgical technique within the field of orthopedics.

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It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows orthopedic surgeons to visualize, diagnose, and treat various joint-related conditions.

Who is an Arthroscopic Surgeon?


An arthroscopic surgeon is a specialized orthopedic surgeon who performs minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries.


Using an arthroscope inserted through small incisions, they diagnose and treat various joint conditions, such as ligament tears, cartilage injuries, and joint inflammation.


* Persistent joint pain. * Limited range of motion. * Joint instability. * Swelling and inflammation. * Joint clicking or locking. * Failed conservative treatment.

Indications that You Should See an Arthroscopic Surgeon


Arthroscopic surgeons utilize diagnostic procedures such as arthroscopy to visualize joint structures, identify abnormalities, and diagnose conditions.

Diagnostic Procedures of Arthroscopic Surgeon


They may perform joint fluid analysis, order imaging studies (X-rays, MRI, CT scans), administer diagnostic injections, conduct physical examinations, and, in certain cases, perform biopsies.


Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure performed by an arthroscopic surgeon to diagnose and treat various joint-related conditions.

Treatment Procedures Handled by Arthroscopic Surgeon


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