Total Knee Replacement

Demand for total knee replacement


Total knee replacement offers a new lease of life to patients who are suffering from arthritis which is caused by a multitude of factors.  Replacing damaged knee joints with prostheses or implants is an amazing development in the larger healthcare domain.

Total Knee Arthroplasty


Total knee arthroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical technique wherein the diseased joints are replaced with artificial material.  During the procedure, the arthritic bone is removed by incisions and replaced with high-grade metal or high-grade plastic inserts.

Types of total  knee replacement


The surgical procedure for total knee replacement is of two types: – Cruciate retained. – Posterior stabilized. Depending on approaches total knee replacement is classified as: – Traditional knee replacement. – Computer-assisted knee replacement     (navigation). – Robotic knee replacement. – Minimally invasive knee replacement.

Cutting-edge Subvastus approach.


The total knee replacement procedure has a minimally invasive approach compared to the conventional knee replacement procedures quadriceps which means the front side of the muscles are cut open for the Parapatellar approach (place the knee implant).

The pioneer of Subvastus approach


Orthomed Hospital is the pioneer of the magical procedure that is breaking and truly futuristic.  Moreover, Our Hospital is an acclaimed expert in this field who handles the total new age procedure with a rotating platform knee implanted precisely with zero error.

Orthomed Subvastus approach


Orthomed Hospital redefined the Subvastus approach can be a viable option for younger and obese patients as this minimally invasive surgical procedure can increase the longevity of the implants and comfort levels for the patients.

Advantages of total knee arthroplasty


Total knee arthroplasty – causes zero damage to muscle tissue – makes a minimum scar of just 3 inches – makes a negligible post-procedural     pain – creates a total recovery without      physiotherapy – is long-lasting, and high endurance       procedure

Recovery Period after TKR surgery


The recovery time taken by patients to recover post-surgery from total knee replacement can be a major concern.  It is perceived that patients usually take up to one year to recover from trauma and post-procedural pain.

Procedure for TKR surgery


The total knee replacement surgery may take less than an hour depending on the specific knee surgery compared to conventional knee replacement procedures.  Patients will be able to walk the next day with walker support, leg elevation dressing change, ice pack, and walking aids.

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